Mar 282017

Our 66th trip in the GMC was a good one. Only 100 miles or so from home but like in a different world. Spring had sprung and the wildflowers were out and absolutely covering all of the hills in the area with bright yellow blooms of a couple of varieties.

The coach ran great and seems to have “learned” its way out of some of the old problems with the FiTech electronic fuel injection system. The day before we left I decided to check the “IAC Steps” adjustment on the throttle body. I remembered that I had not checked the setting since I got the unit back from FiTech and their claim of “no trouble found”. After I had the engine warmed up I looked at the readout and found it was way too high – 130+ steps instead of the recommended 3-10 steps at warm idle. I am thinking that the thing that FiTech fixed (in spite of their claim on NTF) had to do with the IAC motor. IAC stands for Idle Air Control and it is the way the unit controls air intake at engine idle. Every time I had trouble with the unit and talked to FiTech they would ask me about IAC settings and I had adjusted it at least 4 times in the past but the setting never held. This time it was easier than previous attempts to set the idle screw to make the reading correct and it seems to be staying where I put it. Amazingly enough, the engine runs and idles better than it ever has and any small ‘glitches’ have gone away completely.

I also noticed that the fuel tanks continue to be easier to fill than ever since they have been insulated. The temperatures were not high for the weekend – low 80’s – but still easier to fill than they used to be.

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