Feb 042017

February 4, 2017

Last evening we were out in the street at our weekly Friday evening neighborhood meeting which is on our street but around a corner and out of sight of the house. I had left a note on our front door asking the Fedex driver to please leave the package containing the FiTech unit. The note contained the Fedex tracking number, my name, cell phone number and my signature. At about 5:30 or so a Fedex truck came around the corner from the direction of our house. I stopped the driver and asked if he had dropped the package as I requested and he said “no, I need a ‘direct’ signature” which means he needed me to sign his little hand held device. He even wanted me to go back to my house so he could drop the package there – I talked him into giving me the package out in the street – tight procedures for valuable packages I guess.

Anyway, there were no notes in the package and the only sign that something had been done was a small vacuum hose connected between the un-ported vacuum connector to the fuel pressure regulator on the side of the unit. I reinstalled the unit in the coach this morning and took it for a ride. It ran very well with almost no hint of any issues – almost because it did a little hesitation early in the ride but by the time I drove about 6 miles it was running very smoothly. I hope it is fixed – we plan to use it a little around town before taking it on a trip in about a month.

The replacement vacuum switch (the first one quits working sometimes) for my vacuum pump arrived today and I may try messing with it a little but I think I’ll just wait for Dave Lenzi’s switch to get here. 

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