Portable Podiums

   Our portable podium is 24” wide, 14” tall facing the audience, and about 16” from front to back. It is constructed of Baltic Birch plywood and has piano hinges connecting the three sides and the top.
   The carving of your club’s or organization’s logo into the front is included in the price depending on the complexity of the logo.

The price for each podium is $199.00. This does not include tax or shipping. Please email or call us to discuss your needs. See the contact us page.


The photo at left shows the front of a podium with a club’s logo carved into it. The plywood is coated with an exterior grade protective varnish.


The photo at the right is a side-view of a portable podium ready for use. It is easy to set-up and fold for storage - only two simple magnetic latches are involved.


This is the side view of the podium folded and ready for storage.