Furniture – for us and our friends and neighbors


For the past 6 years or so I have been making furniture for ourselves and for others in our community. Here are some photos of some of the projects I have completed in that time. Right now I am working on things for us only – no outside work until some honey-do’s are done.

A wall bed surrounded by a library. The wall on the right is at 45 degrees. The overall size is approximately 10 feet tall by 10 feet wide.
This is the wall bed and library in the photo above but it has now been decorated. Everyone loves it.
This desk is part of the project above.
 These storage cabinets are part of the project above.
In almost 30 years together we have never had a real bed – just mattresses on a metal frame. This is our first – constructed of solid oak and Carol Loves it and so do I.
This is the first wall bed I made. It is very plain and is the way that most pre-fabricated kits are designed. It looks like a big box – not appealing to me. The wood is natural birch plywood.
Laundry room office. Lots of storage and a two-person desk with a cabinet underneath to hide the printer and scanner. The wood is alder with a slightly darkened cherry stain.
A wall bed with book cases and drawers on each side. The small top drawer on each side serves as night-stands. The two small square ornaments on the front serve as covers for the leg mechanisms. This is alder stained in walnut.
A book case that was intended to match a store-bought desk in both style and color. Wood is oak with a golden oak stain.
A wall bed that is tucked into a corner where the wall on the right side is a normal 90 degree corner and the one on the left is at 45 degrees. The squares at the top corners are the legs and latch releases. This is natural alder.
A laundry room work and storage counter done in natural maple.
Entertainment center with flat-screen TV that is shown in the retracted position. It is about 8 feet tall and 10 feet wide. Wood is alder stained a slightly darkened cherry.
  A pair of twin wall beds that were distressed and finished to match a piece of Broyhill furniture the customer wanted to match.
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